abnormal turnip (tigerfishy) wrote,
abnormal turnip

as a fairly "low maintenance" girl, i sometimes grow a little insecure around the "high maintenance" variety, and am always pleased to find out this type is generally a huge pain in the ass to be around. like when al went to bonnaroo some people one year, and then the next year, i was comparatively better in that sense. this year, keith just came back from daytonas' bike week, and i'm happy to hear that this girl that went (granted, she's this dudes girlfriend, but i guess she's this dudes "hot" girlfriend, if youre into that kinda thing) and she made it pretty difficult to get out and do anything, seeing as though she needed an hour and a half for shower needs, and then more time on top of that to make sure every hair was in place and whatnot just to leave for the day.

i love my computer setup.

things that are coming up that i need MONEY for.

new brakes

plane ticket.

als birthday.

keiths birthday.

california money.

i hope that our tickets for coachella ( I CANT FUCKING WAIT) werent stolen.

i thought i had more to write. keith is back, and i needed that week vacation from him. it showed me that i'm ready to be a girlfriend. this is the healthiest relationship i've been in since i was 17. literately. and i'm not using the word literately in the loose sense, i mean it in its exact definition. i have not had a healthy, we are good for each other, i wonder what my ex is doing, i hope hes not screwing me over boyfriend in a very long time.

the apartment is great, work is great, al is great.

everything is great.

i'm going to play some halo.
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