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good morning world.

i've been up for an hour and a half now. its 6 30 now. i like being up early.

i had a weird saddish dream the other night, it involved taxes....but there was this man who either exloded once, or kept exploding...i cant remember. or, its more like, you know how things that happen in dreams are just on a different level or reality? meaning, i couldnt tell you if he exploded more than once.

i dont know. i'm getting off track. anyway. so, it turned out he was made of metal. and i was like "woah. he's bionic." and then i asked whoever i was with (kind of incredulously, kinda saddly) why he never claimed that for tax deductions.

i dunno. its weird bacuase its sad.

i wish that brian would get up. i thought he had to leave for like, 7. i'm wanting to go lay back down now and sleep....sleeeeeep....sllleeeeeppppp!!!

but i'm bringing him to work this morning, in case i'm wondering in the future what my problem was. oh. did i meantion i got my car back last week?

whoopti do!

oh, and i'm having the best winter since i started the farm. work and money are comming easy so far.....i finish coving for the abbys dishwasher friday, then saturday i train for the floor. then monday, tuesday, friday and saturday i waitress the night away, wednesday and thursday i work on le farm.


i brought up the notion of working less hours to david the other day. i thnk i'm really going to have to make sure i help him move along with this to make it work....but i think it could....hiring people with AT LEAST half a brain (i really just dont know what process leads him to hire the morons he does) train them for markets...get resumes....check references maybe? people with sales experiance? but i've gotta push it. otherwise i'm just going to wind up with a guilty conscience....becuase i'm just not working 75 hours a week again.

david actaully asked me "well, what are you going to do with your time??" when i told him i needed to cut my hours this year....


well. i thought this was going to be a short entry. yea typing.

my foot's asleep/
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