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good morning livejournal ( la la laaaaaa)

so its been quite a while since i've posted anything in here....so its time to give me a nice lil update on where i am right now.

!) still living in fall river with albert and brian. in our beautiful apartment. we just took the christmas tree down the other day....its been over a year since we moved in, and i dont know if i even wrote all that much in here since then.

@)no one in the house has a car at the moment. als broke down and he really has no way of getting to it what with the working all the time and whatnot. brian was in an accident and getting his car situation situated has been no easy matter...and my car was stolen. again. we have bad carma. heh.


#) however, i'm most likely getting a car on friday. a jetta. it was 1000 dollars, but keith got it to 800.

$) who's keith? he's. my. boyfriend. i've been seeing him for about a month now. "officially" for a couple of weeks or so. i actually adore him, and other than when i'm talking to myself or worrying about the consequences of "saying it out loud" i dont think i have to worry about trust issues or anything of the sort. he's the guy who sold al his car, about 10 months ago. out of the blue at a poker game, his buddy and a friend of mine told me he thought i was cute. i had no idea who he was talking about, but i was lonely, and a little buzzed, and told him to call me up. i pretty sure i cant believe my good fortune in meeting this guy.

%) i just applied for a "real" job on a farm. as in, it pays based on experience, and can lead to a full time position with benefits. i love working on the farm i do now, i really do, but its just too unsteady, and in the summer, the hours are too much. i cant do it anymore. even if i dont get this job, i'm going to be starting to look for something else. i just really, really *really* really want this one. really.

^) for future look backage, my circle of friends include albert (of course) brian, flavio, jamie, keith, and david (my boss)

ummm. i guess thats it. this is a pretty boring update, but the best part of keeping a journal is looking back and seeing where you were at such and such a time. and if i dont update, i'll have a pretty hard time looking back.

it's 6 40 am, and its probably going to be another hour before i manage to fall back asleep.
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