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the return of the keyboard!

my keyboard has returned

i just got back from bonnarooo a few days ago, and it was amazing.

its changed my life? it changed it for now anyway. i almost have more open eyes, and a a sense of purpose, and a HUGE sense of self. who i am, which was greatly encouragd by the people that i went with. it was flavio, jenny, albert and myself, and never once did i have a need to feel awkward, or alone, or silly.

i think i found a greater good. it was overwhelming, oh yes. there were so so sooo many people. so many. and so much going on. next year, it will be different. perhaps more of a personal plan.

or maybe next time it wont be bonnaroo, it will be something smaller.

m happy to be back in the real world. i just hope that i keep finding people from that other reality as well.
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