abnormal turnip (tigerfishy) wrote,
abnormal turnip

ooooh, drunk

waiting for al to get home, tough i dont know why

i was talken to brian tonight. brian and palomoa. this is the frist time i ahve been ablone for a very long time. since i was 14. it has bee 10 years since....seeing as though my birthday is in four days.

it's weird. i'm also 5 drinks deep. btu still. i' havent had this feelingin a very long time. and i have this crush that is useless. so i could have anther crush. and i dont

blah blah blah. i hd a great conversation with a my brother. i am very happt brian is with paloma. it makes hinm a real happy, not that striving happy he had wth broke. i[m hoping that she can give him whathe needs


drunk drunk drunk. blah blah blah.
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