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this day in history!!!

and, this day in history!!! is actually pretty lame.

in 2004 for i decided that i AM in fact lonely

and in 2003 i took a monumental quiz that informed my i am the song "easier to run" by lincon park.

some deep shit mang.

anywho. i shall look at my friends page, and then get some outfits together as my mother and i are going to the cape for a few days for my birthday. it would ahve been great if she chose the weekend instead of monday thru wednesday, what with the not missing any work and all. but oh well.

i'm pretty excited, as we tend to have a good time together.

oh, and money issues are going better, i still dont have ANYWHERE NEAR the amount i need to do even 1/3 of the things i'd like to do, but i did get to put 50 dollars on the phone bill, which made me genually happy. (oh shit son, i'm going to look back at that statement and punch myself in the overies for being so laaaame) but either way, me 5 years from now, it does feel good, so there

*punches future selfin overies for being such a dick*

andlafrance finally wrote back to me. but to be honest, i just dont think its going much further than that. i mean. i'm pretty freaking shy, and i have done all my frail psyche will allow me to get this guy to notice me. im glad he finally acknowledged my existence, but the ball in is his court now...he has my shoes man, all he has to do is set up a DATE (double meaning there....) to return them.


okie, now, i am off
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