abnormal turnip (tigerfishy) wrote,
abnormal turnip


i dreamt i was in new york with some asian girl.....and she was applying for jobs in this huge building that like three floors.....and EVERYONE was asian and she made it through round one of interviews....
so we seperated for a bit, and in that time i found some girls in my highschool, and they asked me what i though they'd be good at, and i said basically, nothing, beucase they were just ghetto ass hoochies, and they started crying, so i restated my words into something more encouraging, explained how i ever found work, and went back to trying to find my asian friend.

met up with this guy jim i went to highschool with (whom i've been dreaming about alot lately, actually) we went down some very lame ass slide, and then climbed back up, went to go find my friend by waiting in line for her at one of the many many booths, but when i got to the front, i realized all of them looked alike (go figure). but at first, i really was able to tell everyone apart.
anyway, i never found her.

the end.
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